Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good Design + Fragility = ?

As an enterprise app developer on the Apple iOS platform, I am in a role where I have to be an evangelist of everything Apple.  In general, the mobility revolution is something I am very eager and enthusiastic about, but there is one thing that suddenly bothered me recently.

I would define a mobile device as technology or computing that is wireless, lightweight, and useful for  in-the-field scenarios.  Something that I never really considered before, was durability.

So to cut to the chase, why does the following happen?

The fact that the Apple iPad is so fragile absolutely ruins the single differentiating point of the device, its beautiful design.  In fact, I think its outrageous to see such a large amount of cases on the market for the iPad.  But at what price does it pay?  You have to protect your investment, so you end up throwing it in a case and calling it good.

But it's not good! Is it still beautifully designed if you have no choice but to hide it in a case?

An analogy that comes to mind is a white windowless van.  What words would you use to describe it? 

Plain, large, boring, cheap, heavy

If you took the interior of a Rolls Royce and put it inside the van, doesn't it still look the same?  It's sad to see such a beautiful piece of technology go to waste in a cheap plastic case...

Oh and one more thing, 

The Apple Smart Cover is not a case and merely protects from scratches, thats it (as I have found out in the picture above).

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