Monday, September 23, 2013

Adventure Time in Spring Roo

I've recently picked up Spring Roo and decided to build out a web application using the framework. It is certainly a rapid development framework, up to speed with the other popular framework by Spring, Grails.  What interested me the most with Roo though was the ability to easily plugin Spring-MVC, use multiple datasources for the Model, and to scaffold all the necessary JUnit test cases without me intervening.

In my use case, I wanted to utilize both structured and unstructured data, so I was able to easily define my Entities as belonging to either JPA or Mongo (my personal options).  The only problem with this is that a single Maven module can only be setup with a single datasource using Roo, which can easily be resolved by using modules.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Making the Password Usable, But Yet Secure

XKCD 936 - Password Strength
One of the interesting parts of information security is that there are two extremes in regards to the spectrum. On one end you have Strong Security, the whole goal of securing data is making it as secure as possible: Crytography, Passwords, 2-Factor Authentication, Configuration, etc. At the complete other side of the spectrum is Strong Usability, we need to do our jobs after all and the more usable it is, the faster we can do it.

These two ends of the spectrum are directly disproportional to one another. It is very easy to have too much security, making the usability mind-numbing: carrying around hard-tokens with pin codes, 16 character passwords with 30 day expirations, 10 minute timeouts, and network policies where everything needs approval. But if you relax all of the policies to make them more usable, suddenly you are vulnerable to all of the threats involved with information security: hash rainbow tables, brute force attacks, denial of service (DOS) attacks, social engineering, etc.

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Game Called Ingress

A game has silently gripped the Android community for the past few months. A game that has people all over the entire planet tripping over shrubs and curbs as they stare at their android devices bee-lining and sometimes running around. That game I am referring to is called "Ingress", a currently in-beta android app by the smart people at Google. The game thus far has been invite only, turning people into angry chicks chirping for food, well an invite in this case. Everyone wants in on the magic, but the community thus far has been very closed with only a trickle of newbies enrolling each day.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Random Thoughts on Recent Products

Something got me thinking about products recently and how they have changed the world.  It's quite sad when you think of how much we as a society have changed in just the last 10 years with all our modern technology that feels so different than what we used to use.  The reason it's sad is because what really has changed about us?  I still see the same lifestyle before as after.  Nothing has really gripped us in a way that changed everything; the most grandiose and recent I can think of is the Internet itself.  Recent products come down to fads or stupid ways to do something slightly simpler or faster than before, but nothing that has really changed the world.  There is always a bottom line, so perhaps that has something to do with it; a quick way to make a buck and move on.