Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am a fan of simplicity, but when it comes to clocks I usually like to see all the inner-working guts ticking away.  Something about the amount of work and parts that go into making something so precise is just amazing; same with a vehicle or even a space shuttle.

But when I saw the following clock, I just thought it was a stroke of pure genius!

And then after that, I thought how easy would this be with a little bit of code!

So I got to work and made two versions of this clock with a simple algorithm.  Nothing fancy here but the end result. I decided on a serif monospace typespace as my slight alteration to the original and added a ticking second counter.  Let me know which version you like in the comments!

This is version one and is an alteration on the clock pictured above. I decided to go for a clean look.

This is version two and almost duplicates the picture above.

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